Leadership challenges in change intervention and navigation

18 October 2013

The success of any change intervention depends on the leadership of the organisation. It is therefore important to note that leadership is an enabler of any type of change. Quite often organisations require transformational leadership for the successful implementation of any change intervention. Transformational leaders focus on three critical activities namely the creation of a compelling sense of vision, the mobilization of commitment to the vision and the implementation of change. In general leadership can be seen as the driving force to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Effective leaders know that the successful implementation of change begins with attending to the human aspect. Therefore, leadership is about the leader’ ability to influence people and allowing them to change perceptions, behaviours, attitudes and finally action. It is about arousing human potential and allows for leaders and followers to be united in pursuit of high level goals common to and accepted by all parties involved. This article will mainly focus on the above scope.