Intergroup conflict within a South African mining company

18 October 2013

The uncertainty that accompanies organizational change heightens prospects for intra-organizational conflict. Notwithstanding this, the knowledge base on the sources (or causes) of organizational conflict is underdeveloped – largely as a result of a low incidence of empirical research, and in particular in South Africa. The current study explored the perceived sources of intergroup conflict in a South African mining company. The aim of this research is to investigate intergroup conflict and to look into how intergroup conflict influences employment relations throughout all levels of the organization. From a probability population of 1000 in the twelve departments a random sample of 200 employees was chosen to participate in the research. This number represents 20% of the total population. Intergroup conflict was analysed and evaluated. Conclusions were drawn and recommendations made on the occurrence of intergroup conflict based on the findings of the literature and empirical study. Data frequencies, correlations and a correlation analysis were performed through the SPSS programme.