An educational tour of the Hector Pieterson Museum for high schools development by learners using OBE principles.

17 February 2012

As South African history is being rewritten, contested and reveled, so museums are being opened, revamped and developed. The classroom must follow suit. This paper documents the integration of the Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum in Soweto and the teaching of History using OBE principles of the RNCS. The project was developed as a practical solution to a frustration experienced by both the Museum and visiting school groups. In the first instance, it provided the opportunity for grade 10 learners from Roedean School to practise investigative and analytical skills and to extend their historical knowledge and critical thinking skills. Secondly, the tools created, namely a teacher's newsletter, detailing the museum tour; a publicity pamphlet for the museum's scholastic groups, and a tour booklet specifi cally designed for learners, were created. Thirdly, the project was learner-centered and activity based, with a practical application to the working world: the learners had to work with a variety of professionals other than their teachers and make their products educationally viable.