Matsulu: A community in developmental fermentation and fusion

10 January 2011

Since 2004, the Drama Department (University of Pretoria) has engaged in the development and execution of Theatre-for-Development projects in accordance with the mission statement of the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), as well as the White Paper on Integrated Pollution and Waste Management for South Africa (1998) – shifting governmental approach to this sensitive socio-economical issue from cure to prevention – to interrogate issues concerning the environment, sustainable use of resources and subsequently: conservation, within developing urban and rural communities. Theatrefor- Development (TFD) utilizes theatre to disseminate developmental messages. This paper should be seen as not so much as a report of an end result, but as research in progress. Continued projects addressing the issues of conservation, the environment, development and sustainability will in future lead to more definite reporting on results. The paper investigates the ability of TFD to affect changes of behaviour and encourage personal agency and empowerment in community members concerning waste management and the sustainable use of resources within a developing rural society. It will not claim to be definitive; results and conclusions can not be generalized.