Drummistic piano composition: an approach to teaching piano composition from a Nigerian cultural perspective

25 February 2010

The search for Nigerian-based content and methodology for music education has been one of the primary concerns of music educators in contemporary Nigeria. Debates and criticisms surrounding the existing curriculum are ongoing. A natural response to these criticisms is the suggestion of alternative solutions that aim to develop a Nigerian-based approach to music education. Such an approach places an acknowledgement of the cultural background of the learner as a necessary basis for music education. The objective of this article is not to add another voice to those calling for changes to the content and style of music education in Nigeria without providing reference models. A theoretical framework that uses a practical approach to teaching piano composition to Nigerian students that is based on Nigeria's cultural context is proposed. Far from claiming to be a final solution to music education problems in Nigeria, it is an approach that solicits responses and contributions from others in order to foster music education that acknowledges a Nigerian perspective.