Cooperatives in South Africa: a review

19 June 2018

Objectives: The main objective of this paper is to explore the contribution of cooperatives in economic development of South Africa in post-independence period. It examines how the cooperatives help the members to attain the economic goals. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This article is based on the qualitative research approach and presented in the format of a literature review on the ways in which cooperatives began to play an important role in economic development process. Findings: From the literature review, it was found that, by developing and promoting cooperatives in South Africa create sound platform that is useful especially in the development of rural and semi-urban areas of the country. The role of cooperatives especially in agriculture sector will provide a momentum for the rural development. Further, big business development in South Africa and contribute towards social protection in the country. Managerial implications and Improvements: This article provides an in-depth discussion on cooperatives and their role in uplifting the rural and urban masses of South African in a sustainable manner. Analysis of the literature on cooperatives provides a unique business opportunity to its members those who are committed with positive energy to contribute for the development of South Africa.