Software development for performance measurement evaluation of road transport activity

13 June 2018

Key performance indicators (KPI) are frequently used in general business to evaluate the success of the entire enterprise. KPIs play a key role in helping an organization to define and measure its progress towards the defined goals. Structure of logistics indicators should be defined which can be used for evaluation of the transport activity of a forwarding company. Evaluation of logistics indicators relating to forwarding activity can provide useful information because the analysis of historic data provides a real view of the company activity. If we can measure the performance of processes, we can improve it in the future. The goal of this study is the performance measurement of road transport activity. At first we elaborated the structure of transport indicators/time utilization, transport way utilization, weight of transported freight, fuel usage relating to vehicles and transport trips/which are our own results. This research is absolutely original and unique, especially that based on the elaborated structure of transport indicators, an evaluation software was developed which will be also introduced in this paper. This software was implemented successfully at a forwarding company.