The significance of Basotho philosophy of development as expressed in their proverbs

29 June 2016

This article examines Basotho indigenous knowledge systems particularly in the way that they are embedded in proverbs, as containing a philosophy of their development. It seeks to analyse the pre-colonial Basotho’s perspective with regard to the question of development as expressed in their arts and beliefs. There has always been an artistic relationship between Basotho art and their life and this article is mainly based on the assumption that Basotho oral art is used to formulate models of their development. Particular references will be given to the socio-economic aspects of Basotho development and how this is outlined in their proverbs. The article will also argue that the philosophy of Botho/Ubuntu and Basotho communalism that is outlined in their proverbs contributed very much to their development. Finally the article will argue that there is much to draw on from Basotho proverbs that can be used to solve the Basotho’s numerous problems, especially the socio-economic problems