The impact of global partnership for development (Goal number 8) in achieving the millennium development goals in Africa

27 June 2016

In 2000, the United Nations (UN) made a Millennium Declaration that commits governments across the globe to develop the lives of the people by 2015. This declaration is known as Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This paper will examine the role that every government has to play in achieving the goals by focusing on Goal number 8, which encourages global partnerships for development. It will interrogate the agreements that respective countries enter into in the quest to achieve the MDGs and what these agreements mean. There are only five years left for the MDGs to be met. This paper will refl ect on the progress of Africa and its agreements on a country level to achieve the MDGs; evaluate the agreements that each country enters into with another country; and discuss the level of benefi ciation each country has on the other for the development of each country