Authentic happiness of managers, and individual and organisational outcomes

24 June 2016

The aim of this study was to investigate managers' orientations to happiness and the relationship thereof to individual and organisational outcomes. A cross-sectional survey design was used with managers in the agricultural sector in South Africa {N = 507). The Orientations to Happiness Questionnaire (Revised), Satisfaction with Life Scale, Affect Balance Scale, Job Satisfaction Scale, Organisational Commitment Scale, and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Scale were administered. The results showed that orientations to happiness (i.e. pleasure, meaning and engagement) had strong direct effects on subjective well-being, job satisfaction and organisational citizenship behaviour. Orientations to happiness also impacted job satisfaction and organisational commitment indirectly through subjective well-being. Subjective well-being had a strong direct and positive effect on job satisfaction, as well as a positive indirect effect on organisational commitment.The results build on the knowledge regarding individual and organisational outcomes of authentic happiness