Re-evaluation of the Platinum SDI : a critical commentary

28 April 2016

The Platinum Spatial Development Initiative (SDI) in the North West Province was initiated 10 years ago to address the spatial economic development challenges of the region. This revised commentary aims to re-evaluate development, and intends to provide an objective overview of the successes and failures of the Platinum SDI. The aim is to provoke a debate on the matter in order to assess whether or not the Platinum SDI is to the advantage of the economic development of the country and its people, and especially the poor. This paper considers the historical context and evaluates a number of arguments, either in support of or questioning the viability of the Platinum SDI. The paper concludes that after more than a decade there is still little evidence that the Platinum SDI will in the near future be efficient. At present, the Platinum SDI has very little to offer. To succeed will require more effort by all concerned, and especially much more commitment from the relevant governmental structures.