Economic justice and prophetic discourse in the South African context - towards a dialogical mode of discourse

16 September 2015

The prophetic discourse about economic justice in South Africa has been mainly influenced by Black theology, Latin American Liberation theology and African theology. In the case of influences from the Americas, economics justice is a salient dimension, with Marxism as a main critical tool of society and mode of discourse. This prophetic mode of discourse limits dialogue and economic transformation because it is an exclusive mode of discourse. We argue that a dialogical discourse, informed by the ideas of justice imbedded in economic theories (in example Adam Smith, John M. Keynes and John Rawls) and their implications for contemporary society, is required. The document 'The Oikos Journey' reflects the priority of economic justice in contemporary South African society with a more inclusive and holistic approach. Although this document is deeply indebted to the propethic discourse, it contains exemplary motives towards a future dialogical mode of discourse.