Developing corporate startegies to enable resilience in the South African information systems and technology industry

10 July 2014

Globalisation has contributed to many new challenges in the Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) industry, which placed increased pressure on organisational long-term sustainability. Just like their global counterparts, IS&T organisations in the South African marketplace also need to be cognisant of its competitive business environment in order to survive in a very competitive environment. However, in the dynamic business environment, organisational resilience becomes a crucial building block in achieving sustainability. The objective of this article is to identify and consider key factors in the South African IS&T industry that not only embraces a thorough understanding of the business environment, but also of corporate resilient strategies that may support its long-term sustainability. Based on a PEST and SWOT analysis, it was found that the local IS&T business environment, which includes the uncertain and unpredictable role of government together high-levels of crime and unemployment, makes for both challenging and promising times in the South African IS&T industry.