Consumers’ preferences for private and national brand food products

25 June 2014

Consumers' choice of private brands reflects distinct differences in terms of product categories, and indications are that demographic and psychographic factors are also influential in terms of the sales of private vs. national brand foods. This study investigated the relationship between selected demographic and psychographic variables and consumers' brand preferences for selected food products in a South African context. A mall intercept, interviewer-administered questionnaire was used to collect data (n = 620) in an urban area at prominent supermarkets. Findings revealed that consumers' choice of private brands is probably associated with the product category. Although the present study could not expose significant relationships with psychographics for different grocery products, certain demographic factors seem noteworthy. Home language and education level seemed to be more significant indicators of brand preference, which suggests that consumers' ability to interpret label information may be influential. This study concluded that brand preference depends on specific demographics for each product, and that psychographic factors were not significant in terms of product choice. Brand preference research therefore seems to be product and region specific and related to specific demographic variables.