The Evolution of China's Foreign Investment Policy and Law

01 January 2017

This study explores the evolution of China's foreign investment policies and laws between 1978 - 2016. The main goal of this study is to provide an objective narrative about the past and present development of Chinese foreign investment from a legal perspective. The study includes discussions about the creation, development, and reforms of these policies and laws. In addition, this project considers problems and opportunities of Chinese foreign investment regulatory regime. The first chapter is the introduction, which offers detailed explanations for the main focus, issues, and structure of the thesis, the methodology of the study and the reason for conducting this study, an executive summary for each chapter is provided at the end. Second, the third, and the fourth chapter will respectively focus on China's foreign investment regulatory framework during 1978-1991, 1992-2005, 2006-2016. A short summary is provided at the end of chapter four to conclude this study.