Stop the Money, Stop the Attacks: A Categorical Approach to Achieving an International Terrorist Financing Sanction Regime

23 April 2012

Money allows terrorist organizations to continue their day-to-day operations. Stopping the flow of financial support to terrorist organizations will diminish the intensity and frequency of the attacks and ideally lead to a cessation of such attacks. One country may be able to establish barriers to terrorist financing through government sanctions. These barriers will not stop terrorist financing; but rather, it will divert it to another country. The only way to effectively stop such financing is to implement international standards for terrorist financing sanctions. But as countries differ economically and politically, a solution must accommodate each countries’ unique situation. This comment analyzes the approaches of the United States, Tanzania, and Macau, showing the gaping differences that exist within the international community. By applying the “Willingness to Buy” Theory, this comment offers a solution which coordinates and maximizes participants in the international terrorist financing sanctions regime.