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  • SDG-9
    A compact dual-circularly polarized cavity-backed ring-slot antenna
    09 Feb 2017

    A low profile dual-circularly polarized printed ring-slot antenna with a small footprint, which radiates above an open cavity loaded with an artificial magnetic conducting reflector, is presented. The feed network consists of two T-shaped capacitive feed structures connected to a miniaturized hybrid branch-line coupler. Experimental results for a final antenna design (with a size of 0.5λ0 × …

  • SDG-7 SDG-8 SDG-9
    Efficient computation of array factor and sidelobe level of linear arrays
    23 Jan 2017

    The implementation of code to efficiently compute the array factor and sidelobe level (SLL) of linear antenna arrays in MATLAB and GNU Octave is considered. The use of a fast Fourier transform (FFT) to compute the array factor is shown to be more efficient than other approaches. The automatic determination of the sidelobe region as a necessary step to computing the SLL is addressed. A number…

  • SDG-9
    Braking penalized receding horizon control of heavy haul trains
    04 Feb 2014

    Incorporated with a receding horizon control (RHC) approach, a penalty method is proposed to reduce energy wasted by braking in a heavy haul train’s operation. The train’s practical nonlinear model is linearized to design the RHC controller. This controller is then applied to the train practical nonlinear dynamics and its performances are analyzed. In particular, the main focus in this stud…

  • SDG-9 SDG-17
    Evaluating a public sector organisation for SDI readiness – the case of a South African government department
    19 May 2017

    Spatial data infrastructure (SDI) facilitates the collection and sharing of geographic information developed by different organisations. As a result, SDI initiatives are occurring in different countries. Various government departments are implementing SDI in order to contribute to the achievements of its objectives. SDI assessments to evaluate the implementation thereof is also occurring from loc…

  • SDG-7 SDG-9 SDG-12
    A joint venture model for assessment of partner capabilities : the case of Eskom Enterprises and the African power section
    16 Nov 2009

    This article investigates the concept of joint ventures in the international energy sector and develops a joint venture model, as a business development and assessment tool. The joint venture model presents a systematic method that relies on modern business intelligence to assess a potential business venture by using a balanced score card technique to screen potential partners, based on their tec…

  • SDG-5 SDG-9
    Technophobia : gender differences in the adoption of high-technology consumer products
    31 May 2016

    The advent of technology has improved consumers’ daily lives; but it has also affected some consumers, by engendering fear of complex technological products. Feelings of anxiety and fear lead to the avoidance of technology; and this fear is known as ‘technophobia’. This study aims to establish whether gender differences in technophobia and the adoption of high-technology consumer products continu…

  • SDG-8 SDG-9 SDG-11
    A Regional Model for Equitable Social Service Delivery: Settlement Prioritisation and Supporting Infrastructure to Foster Rural Well-Being
    20 Apr 2020

    Enabling equitable social service delivery and promoting sustainable rural development remain key challenges within South African rural areas. Fiscal constraints, the high cost of social service provision and growing rural settlements increasingly require social investment and associated enabling infrastructure to deliver services to rural residents and improve their well-being. The need and valu…

  • SDG-8 SDG-9 SDG-17
    Current status of the IEEE 1451 standard-based sensor applications
    03 Dec 2015

    In this paper, we have discussed the sensor-based applications and what is necessary for the dissimilarities in hardware realization and algorithm. This paper presents the existing state-of-the-art of IEEE 1451 standard-based sensor applications and is mainly focused on standard transducer interface module (STIM), network capable application processor (NCAP), and transducer-independent inte…

  • SDG-7 SDG-8 SDG-9
    Investigating a ranking of loads in avoiding potential power system outages
    12 Dec 2016

    In this work, we consider the impact or sensitivity of loads to likely power system contingencies that would require the adoption of demand management programs and we establish a frame work for determining the most critical loads and ranking them. Moreover we develop a novel weighted average approach that can be modified to specific power system needs and determine the most effective load for a…

  • SDG-9 SDG-17
    University entrepreneurship in South Africa : developments in technology transfer practices
    25 Feb 2014

    Although formalised practices of technology transfer at research institutions are well established in many developed countries, these practices are still very much in their infancy in South Africa. The country is however currently focused on improving technology transfer activities and measuring the performance thereof, as exemplified by the recent implementation of a new intellectual property ac…