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  • SDG-9
    Polynomial filtering : to any degree on irregularly sampled data
    15 Feb 2013

    Conventionally, polynomial filters are derived for evenly spaced points. Here, a derivation of polynomial filters for irregularly spaced points is provided and illustrated by example. The filter weights and variance reduction factors (VRFs) for both expanding memory polynomial (EMP) and fading-memory polynomial (FMP) filters are programmatically derived so that the expansion up to any degree c…

  • SDG-9
    Servqual as a socio-technical approach to measuring e-Government service quality and guiding e-Governance strategies
    21 Jun 2013

    e-Government services and e-governance have been embraced in many African countries. Nonetheless, measuring the value of e-government remains a challenge. Key to a successful evaluation of progress towards e-governance is the contextual approach, in which ICT is embedded as part of a holistic solution to governance. When carried through without considering the complementary influences of socie…

  • SDG-7 SDG-9 SDG-11
    Estimating car ownership and transport energy consumption : a disaggregate study in Nelson Mandela Bay
    21 Jun 2013

    This paper investigates energy consumption patterns by households and individuals during travel on a typical day. A methodology is developed to estimate trip-by-trip energy consumption using standard 24-hour travel survey data, and applied to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Area using their 2004 household travel survey. Baseline energy consumption patterns by different modes, times of day, and us…

  • SDG-9 SDG-17
    A low complexity Hopfield neural network turbo equalizer
    02 Jul 2013

    In this article, it is proposed that a Hopfield neural network (HNN) can be used to jointly equalize and decode information transmitted over a highly dispersive Rayleigh fading multipath channel. It is shown that a HNN MLSE equalizer and a HNN MLSE decoder can be merged in order to realize a low complexity joint equalizer and decoder, or turbo equalizer, without additional computational comple…

  • SDG-9 SDG-17
    Joint venture on an ambitious project
    10 Jul 2006

    Pretoria's multimillion-rand development project is aimed at rejuvenating the city centre. As much as R500-million will be pumped into the capital's sagging city core as the private sector responds to a city council decision to go ahead with its most ambitious project yet.

  • SDG-9 SDG-16 SDG-17
    A dependable model for attaining maximum authetication security procedure in a grid based environment
    26 Feb 2014

    Grid computing is an emergent computing innovation which offers endless access to computing infrastructure across various organizations (academia and industry). Since this technology allows aggregation of various computer systems for usage by different users to run applications, the information stored on it which may be sensitive and private, remains vulnerable. According to related research on t…

  • SDG-9 SDG-17
    The impact of information and communications technology infrastructure and complementary factors on intra-African Trade
    13 Sep 2017

    Trade is one of the cornerstones of socio-economic development for Africa. Intra-continental trade stimulates productive capacity and competitiveness in nations through exposing domestic industries to competition. The purpose of this study was to investigate how information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure impacts on intra-African trade, taking into account other relevant factor…

  • SDG-7 SDG-8 SDG-9 SDG-12 SDG-13
    Nafion-stabilised platinum nanoparticles supported on titanium nitride: An efficient and durable electrocatalyst for phosphoric acid based polymer electrolyte fuel cells
    06 Sep 2017

    Nafion derived platinum nanoparticles were produced and successfully anchored on titanium nitride (TiN) support (Pt/TiN) and its suitability for phosphoric acid based polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells is reported. Electrochemical cycling of Nafion stabilised Pt/TiN electrocatalyst exhibits good stability, durability and better electrocatalytic activity than the traditionally employed car…

  • SDG-9
    Telecentre functionality in South Africa: re-enabling the community ICT access environment
    24 Aug 2017

    Despite the availability and capabilities of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in low and middle-income countries, the use of these constantly evolving tools remains limited for the majority of resource-poor citizens. This is especially the case for internet-based tools. In South Africa, an upper middle-income country, the percentage of the population categorised as individual 'int…

  • SDG-3 SDG-9
    A Model for Telepsychiatry for South Africa
    04 May 2015

    The access of rural Mental Health Care Users in South Africa to specialist psychiatrists and quality mental health care is currently sub-optimal. Health professionals and planners working in psychiatry lack a well-defined and feasible outreach model to facilitate the delivery of services to remote and rural areas. In response to this challenge, a three-year action research telepsychiatry study wa…