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  • SDG-8 SDG-16
    A crowded field : competition and coordination in international peace mediation
    21 Jun 2013

    In recent years competition has emerged as a central theme in international mediation as an increasing number of mediation actors seek opportunities to engage in peacemaking. At the same time, mediation coordination mechanisms, such as Groups of Friends, have become standard practice in international peacemaking. This paper seeks to make sense of the dynamics of competition and cooperation in…

  • SDG-4 SDG-8
    Antecedents of corporate entrepreneurship
    19 Jul 2013

    Businesses should strive to identify and nurture internal organisational factors that cultivate a dynamic entrepreneurial culture. This paper scrutinizes the contribution of the internal organisational factors, measured by market orientation, flexibility and job satisfaction, to intrapreneurship, as measured by the Corporate Entrepreneurship Assessment Instrument (CEAI). Information from a sample…

  • SDG-8
    The recycling industry and subsistence waste collectors: a case study of Mitchell's Plain
    19 Feb 2013

    The article reflects the findings of a survey undertaken in Mitchell’s Plain and presents a case study of the factors that impact recycle-related employment tendencies and opportunities in the area of the Cape Flats in South Africa. The article states recycling also has advantages for the creation of formal and informal employment and it can be enhanced with the encouragement of local authorities…

  • SDG-8
    Not ‘work like any other’: Towards a framework for the reformulation of domestic workers’ rights
    21 Aug 2013

    Introduction: On 15 June 2010 the 99th session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) adopted proposals for a Convention, supplemented by a Recommendation, on decent work for domestic workers. From this has emanated a draft Convention and Recommendation, to be debated by member states and representative organisations of employers and workers around the world, from which proposed amendments…

  • SDG-8
    An ill contractual wind blowing collective good? Collective representation in non-statutory bargaining and the limits of union authority
    12 Oct 2013

    Induction:In the statutory arena one facet at least, the interaction between union and employer parties at industrial council level, is defined by the Labour Relations Act 28 of 1956 (LRA). The other crucial nexus, that between the union and its constituents, is not expressly defined but can be construed in the context of the statutory process. This may be one reason why the issue has given rise…

  • SDG-8
    Money and sociality in South Africa's informal economy
    19 Nov 2013

    This article examines the interplay of agency, culture and context in order to consider the social embeddedness of money and trade at the margins of South Africa’s economy. Focusing on small-scale, survivalist informal enterprise operators, it draws on socio-cultural analysis to explore the social dynamics involved in generating and managing wealth. After describing the informal sector in So…

  • SDG-8
    Day labourers in Pretoria, Windhoek and the United States - a comparison of two capitals and a different world
    21 Jan 2014

    Purpose: The aim of this paper is to compare the economic dynamics of day labouring in two Southern African capital cities, namely Windhoek and Pretoria, against the background of the experiences of day labourers in a developed country such as the United States. Problem investigated: People waiting at the side of the road, hoping to obtain a piece job for the day, is a typical phenomenon in a …

  • SDG-8
    The fibre of a pinch map in a model category
    10 Jan 2018

    In the category of pointed topological spaces, let F be the homotopy fibre of the pinching map X ∪ CA → X ∪ CA/ X from the mapping cone on a cofibration A → X onto the suspension of A. Gray (Proc Lond Math Soc (3) 26:497–520, 1973) proved that F is weakly homotopy equivalent to the reduced product (X, A)∞. In this paper we prove an analogue of this phenomenon in a model category, under suitab…

  • SDG-7 SDG-8 SDG-9 SDG-12 SDG-13
    Nafion-stabilised platinum nanoparticles supported on titanium nitride: An efficient and durable electrocatalyst for phosphoric acid based polymer electrolyte fuel cells
    06 Sep 2017

    Nafion derived platinum nanoparticles were produced and successfully anchored on titanium nitride (TiN) support (Pt/TiN) and its suitability for phosphoric acid based polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells is reported. Electrochemical cycling of Nafion stabilised Pt/TiN electrocatalyst exhibits good stability, durability and better electrocatalytic activity than the traditionally employed car…

  • SDG-7 SDG-8 SDG-12 SDG-13
    Nitrogen-doped carbon coated ZeO2 as a support to Pt nanoparticles in the oxygen reduction reaction
    16 Feb 2018

    A new nitrogen-doped carbon (CNx) support for Pt electrocatalysts was prepared by carbonizing polypyrrole on the surface of ZrO2 (ZrO2@CNx) at high temperature. Well-dispersed Pt nanoparticles were easily formed on the ZrO2@CNx. The electrocatalyst was characterized by FT-IR, XRD, TEM, XPS. The electrochemical performances indicate that the presence of ZrO2 modified the electro-structure of Pt on…