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  • SDG-6
    Exemptions of Contract Liability Under the 1980 United Nations Convention
    01 Jan 1990

    This article will primarily discuss the United Nations Sales Convention. In interpreting the Convention, the central problem is to what extent Article 79 of the Convention will apply to the various cases. Does it apply only to cases of "force majeure" or "impossibility," i.e., cases in which there is a barrier that prevents performance or makes it impracticable? Or does it apply to cases of "frus…

  • SDG-6
    Assessing the effects of land use on surface water quality in the lower uMfolozi floodplain system, South Africa
    08 Apr 2022

    This study investigated the impacts of cultivation on water and soil quality in the lower uMfolozi floodplain system in KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. We did this by assessing seasonal variations in purposefully selected water and soil properties in these two land-use systems. The observed values were statistically analysed by performing Student’s paired t-tests to determine seasonal t…

  • SDG-2 SDG-6
    Water footprints of vegetable crop wastage along the supply chain in Gauteng, South Africa
    08 Feb 2019

    Food production in water-scarce countries like South Africa will become more challenging in the future because of the growing population and intensifying water shortages. Reducing food wastage is one way of addressing this challenge. The wastage of carrots, cabbage, beetroot, broccoli and lettuce, produced on the Steenkoppies Aquifer in Gauteng, South Africa, was estimated for each step a…

  • SDG-6
    To know how to find. To find without knowing : wisdom in the Gospel of Thomas
    19 Mar 2010

    At the SBL meeting in Orlando in 1998, the contemporary metaphor theory practised by cognitive linguists such as Lakoff, Johnson and Turner, was used to identify some of the basic metaphors appearing in Thomas 1-5, which the author believes to be important for coming to terms with the metaphoricity of many of the sayings in the Gospel. The ensuing discussion of Thomas 08 and Thomas 109 is yet an…

  • SDG-6 SDG-7
    A model predictive control approach to the periodic implementation of the solutions of the optimal dynamic resource allocation problem
    14 Dec 2010

    This paper proposes a model predictive control (MPC) approach to the periodic implementation of the optimal solutions of a class of resource allocation problems in which the allocation requirements and conditions repeat periodically over time. This special class of resource allocation problems includes many practical energy optimization problems such as load scheduling and generation dispatch.…

  • SDG-2 SDG-6
    Exporting large volumes of municipal sewage sludge through turfgrass sod production
    11 Jan 2011

    The nutrient content of sludge produced by municipal water treatment works often far exceeds the requirements of nearby crops. Transporting sludge further afield is not always economically viable. This study reports on the potential to export large volumes of anaerobically digested municipal sewage sludge through turfgrass sod production. Hypotheses examined are that sludge loading rates far …

  • SDG-6
    An evaluation of the water tariff policy: a case study of the Thulamela Local Municipality
    22 Nov 2017

    The main purpose of this paper was to evaluate the water tariff policy in Thulamela Municipality. The study had four objectives to answer the research question which were: To evaluate the effectiveness of water tariffs in Thulamela by examining the three locations of Tswinga, Dididi and Thohoyandou Block K; To determine the effectiveness and acceptability of the water cost recovery policy; To det…

  • SDG-3 SDG-6
    Health and behavioral factors associated with binge drinking among university students in nine ASEAN countries
    10 Oct 2019

    Background: Heavy drinking among university students has been globally recognized as a major public health burden. In the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, studies on this issue have been scant, country-specific and in different time frames. The aim of this study was to identify social and behavioral factors associated with binge drinking among university students in nine ASE…

  • SDG-6
    Suitability of treated wastewater with respect to pH, electrical conductivity, selected cations and sodium adsorption ratio for irrigation in a semi-arid region
    10 Dec 2019

    Increasing incidents of drought spells in most Sub-Saharan African countries call for exploration of innovative alternative sources of water for irrigation. A study was conducted to investigate the cation concentrations for different disposal points of treated wastewater and for borehole water. A 4 × 5 factorial experiment included a borehole as a reference sampling site plus three other sampling…

  • SDG-1 SDG-2 SDG-6
    Historical context on land and water management in South Africa
    18 Dec 2020

    For many people, the disbandment of the erstwhile apartheid rule in South Africa ushered in hopes of a better life under the democratic dispensation. Water supply remained one of the top deprivations that the natives had to endure after the arrival of the Europeans at the Cape. Realising the hardship faced by the majority of people in South Africa, it was therefore logical that one of the first l…