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  • SDG-3 SDG-5
    Bladder hamartoma : a unique cause of urinary retention in a child with Goldenhar syndrome
    05 Feb 2013

    The bladder hamartoma is an extremely rare entity. We report on its presence in a 5-year-old boy with Goldenhar syndrome. Most probably, this is the first report of a bladder hamartoma presenting with obstruction of the bladder outlet resulting in urinary retention. The obstructive lesion was resected endoscopically. This proved to be curative for the lesion, since the follow-up voiding cysto-ure…

  • SDG-5
    Termination-of-pregnancy rights and foetal interests in continued existence in South Africa : the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act 92 of 1996
    19 Feb 2013

    The aim of this article is to demonstrate that although South Africa has permissive termination-of-pregnancy legislation to the extent that women can terminate first- and second-trimester pregnancies on demand and for socio-economic reasons, foetal interests are in fact taken into account. The system of female reproductive rights progressively shelters foetal interests, albeit to a limited extent.

  • SDG-2 SDG-5
    Brucellosis surveillance and control in Zimbabwe: bacteriological and serological investigation in dairy herds
    15 Aug 2013

    Brucellosis in dairy cattle is endemic in Zimbabwe. The prevalence continues to be monitored intensively. Only milk and serum samples are routinely screened. Attempts to culture Brucella spp. from clinical specimens are seldom made. Consequently, incidence of various Brucella spp. within Zimbabwe is virtually unknown, despite the high serepositivity reported. This information is paramount i…

  • SDG-5 SDG-11
    Elma Court, Schoeman Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa
    03 Mar 2009

    Two sketches side by side of two views of Elma Court with short account of its history.

  • SDG-5
    Sperm-storage tubules in the vagina of the ostrich (Struthio camelus)
    12 Sep 2013

    Sperm-storage tubules have been described in a number of species of birds. The presence of these tubules in the Rhea has been mentioned, but no description of these structures in ratites is available. The purpose of this study was to determine the presence and morphology of sperm-storage tubules in the vagina of the ostrich. The study was performed with the use of conventional light- and elect…

  • SDG-5
    Sara's suicide: History and the representational limit
    11 Oct 2011

    This paper deals with cognitive failures and historiographical blind spots in legal and historical representations of the colonised subject. It concerns an archival fragment from the seventeenth century - the suicide of a young woman called Sara in the period of Dutch rule at the Cape. The paper focuses on the production of evidentiary sources and examines the mediations by which a colonial text …

  • SDG-3 SDG-5
    Se(x)ation, sensation or research? interrogating the research gaze
    19 Feb 2013

    This article takes a critical look at the research methodologies regarding gender-based violence and HIV and AIDS in South Africa over the last two decades. Gender has become the operative term in these research projects and there has been a conflation or collapse of gender with the feminist perspectives analysis. The immediate question is whether the studies on gender and masculinities have de-p…

  • SDG-5 SDG-16 SDG-17
    The CRC in South Africa 15 years on: does the new Child Justice Act 75 of 2008 comply with international children’s rights instruments?
    06 May 2013

    Article 40 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child1 requires states parties to take appropriate measures to ensure that children accused of committing offences are treated in a manner that would ensure that their best interests are upheld. South Africa2 ratified the CRC in 1995, the provisions of which have influenced the children’s rights clause in its 1996 Constitution. S…

  • SDG-5
    An exploration of mata'a maintenance in anticipation of the recognition of Muslim marriages in South Africa: (Re-)opening a veritable Pandora's box?
    13 Jun 2013

    Introduction: In Muslim personal law, the husband on pronouncing a divorce has a number of legal obligations towards his wife including maintenance and payment of outstanding dower. While there is no dispute among Muslim scholars and jurists that a wife’s right to maintenance (nafaqa) arises upon marriage as a natural consequence of it, there is no unanimity as to whether this right is extendable…

  • SDG-5 SDG-17
    Conquering the publishing silences of black academic women
    20 Aug 2013

    Although women fulfil and play meaningful roles in the academic life of universities, their contributions have seldom been acknowledged. The voices of women outside of the dominant western context of knowledge production such as women in South African historically black universities(HBUs), remains largely maginalized. Women at these HUBs have indicated a need for mentoring and support to assist w…