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  • SDG-4 SDG-5 SDG-16
    The Church Abuse Scandal: Were Crimes Against Humanity Committed?
    01 Jan 2011

    Increasingly shocking revelations about sexual abuse by members of Catholic religious congregations and diocesan priests have recently raised the question of whether such widespread abuses constitute crimes against humanity. This paper considers that question in the context of a report issued by the Ryan Commission, an independent quasi-judicial commission that spent 10 years conducting det…

  • SDG-4 SDG-10
    Postsecondary School Education Benefits for Undocumented Immigrants: Promises and Pitfalls
    01 Jan 2002

    Should longtime undocumented immigrants have the same opportunity as lawful permanent residents and U.S. citizens to attend state colleges and universities? There are two typical justifications for denying them such opportunities. First, treating undocumented immigrants as in-state residents discriminates against U.S. citizen nonresidents of the state. Second, and more broadly, undocumented im…

  • SDG-3 SDG-4
    The relationship between non-orthographic language abilities and reading performance in chronic aphasia : an exploration of the primary systems hypothesis
    29 Jan 2019

    PURPOSE : This study investigated the relationship between non-orthographic language abilities and reading in order to examine assumptions of the primary systems hypothesis and further our understanding of language processing poststroke. METHOD : Performance on non-orthographic semantic, phonologic, and syntactic tasks, as well as oral reading and reading comprehension tasks, was assessed in 43 …

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    Sales assistants serving customers with traumatic brain injury
    27 Mar 2009

    BACKGROUND: General lack of awareness regarding neurogenic communication disorders generally, and cognitive communication disorders following a traumatic brain injury (TBI) specifically, has resulted in pervasive environmental and attitudinal barriers for these individuals. While collaborative communication partner training programmes have been advocated as a means to remove barriers and provide …

  • SDG-4
    Investigating literacy narratives among ethno-linguistically diverse South African students
    19 Apr 2016

    This article reports on a study of pre-service teachers’ literacy narratives in a South African institution of higher learning. Literacy self-narratives of 57 students were collected and analysed for categories and themes under narrator and sponsor identities through the use of AtlasTi software. The results of the study show the role of historical, cultural and political contexts in shaping …

  • SDG-4
    Mentor development in higher education in Botswana : how important is reflective practice?
    17 Feb 2010

    Mentor development in higher education in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Botswana is explored in this article. Changes in education policy require mentors to engage in individual as well as organisational change and transformation. Most studies focus on mentee development and the resulting organisational change but there is very little research into mentor development and its effects…

  • SDG-4
    'Musadzi u fara lufhanga nga hu fhiraho' : life stories of Black women leaders in South Africa
    16 Feb 2008

    This article, based on a Black feminist perspective, examines the multifaceted personal and professional lives of Black women elementary school principals in South Africa at the intersection of institutional and political, cultural and language, economic and social/historical sites as they work to actualise socially just and equitable learning environments for Black children and youth. The thrus…

  • SDG-4 SDG-11
    Leisure motorhoming : the case of the Motorhome Club of South Africa
    22 Jul 2008

    This paper introduces caravanning and camping as a leisure activity that consists of a number of sequential experiences. The particular focus is on motorhoming as a form of caravanning / camping. The Motorhome Club of South Africa has a membership base of 670. A self-administered questionnaire surveyed the opinion of the entire membership base on certain aspects relating to the Motorhome Club and…

  • SDG-4 SDG-8
    Entrepreneurial action and competencies : exploring pathways to venturing accomplishments
    06 Apr 2021

    Scholars often cite an entrepreneur’s actions and their skills, know-how and entrepreneurial competencies (ECs) as the most influential factors related to the accomplishment of important venturing outcomes. Yet the joint impact of these factors on venturing accomplishments is yet to be explored. This paper aims to fill this void by empirically developing and testing a mediation model explorin…

  • SDG-4
    A mathematics vocabulary questionnaire for use in the intermediate phase
    20 Jan 2009

    Teachers and psychologists need an instrument to assess learners’ language proficiency in mathematics to enable them to plan and evaluate interventions and to facilitate best practice in mathematics classrooms. We describe the development of a mathematics vocabulary questionnaire to measure learners’ language proficiency in mathematics in the intermediate phase. It covers all the steps from d…