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  • SDG-2 SDG-17
    Statistical Significance and the Burden of Persuasion
    01 Jan 1983

    In most endeavors concerned with the acquisition of knowledge, quantitative information is welcomed. In law, however, it appears sometimes that scientific or numerical evidence makes cases harder, not easier. Nevertheless, there are many cases and administrative proceedings, in such areas as environmental law, food and drug regulation, and civil rights, in which statistical data obtained by obser…

  • SDG-1 SDG-2
    The land as a "Leitmotiv" in the book of Amos
    22 Nov 2008

    The hypothesis argued is that the theme of the land serves as a leitmotiv in the book of Amos. The focus of this investigation will be on the occurrence of the words normally used in connection with the land, that is eretz (#rao) and adama (hmra), in the book of Amos. The land is promised and granted (2:9-10; 3:2, 9) to the people to live in and enjoy the produce the land yields but their stay in…

  • SDG-2
    Genetic polymorphism of CSN1S2 in South African dairy goat populations
    30 Jan 2017

    Alpha-s2 casein has a significant influence on protein content in goat milk, and the technological properties important for cheese processing. Specific alleles (A, B, C, E and F) of the alpha (α)s2-casein gene (CSN1S2) result in higher protein, casein and fat content, and improved coagulation properties, which are useful for improved cheese making. The aim of this study was to investigate the pol…

  • SDG-2 SDG-13 SDG-15
    Whole genome-based characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolates recovered from the food chain in South Africa
    02 Mar 2022

    Listeria monocytogenes is an important foodborne pathogen which has the ability to adapt and survive in food and food processing facilities where it can persist for years. In this study, a total of 143 L. monocytogenes isolates in South Africa (SA) were characterized for their strain’s genetic relatedness, virulence profiles, stress tolerance and resistance genes associated with L. monocytoge…

  • SDG-2 SDG-3
    Assessment of cattle owners' perceptions and expectations, and identification of constraints on production in a peri-urban, resource-poor environment
    01 Oct 2012

    This questionnaire survey was conducted amongst 200 farmers in the resource-poor, urban and periurban environments of Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu towns in the Free State Province of South Africa. The questionnaire was divided into seven sections, namely demography, livestock, cattle, parasites, parasite control, livestock diseases and problems experienced. A total of 87,5 % of the livestock own…

  • SDG-2
    Antimicrobial drug resistance among Enterococci from broilers and poultry abattoir workers
    08 Feb 2013

    Poultry abattoir workers who carry out eviscerate do pick up resistance from broiler enteric organisms. To test this hypothesis, the prevalence of and the association of antimicrobial drug resistance between enterococci from broilers and workers who carry out evisceration, washing and packing of broiler intestines were investigated. Broiler caecae (n = 240) from 6 farms were collected after slaug…

  • SDG-2 SDG-3
    Medication : your heart's worst enemy?
    24 Aug 2016

    Current life expectancy, as determined by the World Health Organization in 2015, estimates males to live for about 71 years and females for approximately 73 years. On average, South Africa has lower life expectancy, with males at 60 years and females at 63. These figures, however, are dependent on several factors, including war, violent crimes, accidents, the presence of chronic diseases, nutriti…

  • SDG-2
    Vision and strategies of tea development in Hilly States
    17 Dec 2008

    The International Society of Tea Science helped organize a National Seminar by the Uttaranchal Tea Development Board at Almora on May 29-30 after a field visit to the site of new tea plantations at Kausani, Uttaranchal, India. The meeting discussed the feasibility of introducing Clonal tea on the land that once supported a flourishing tea industry and then abandoned tea plantations for some reaso…

  • SDG-2
    Multifactorial mortality in bongos and other wild ungulates in the north of the Congo Republic
    04 Jun 2012

    Wildlife mortality involving bongos, Tragelaphus eurycerus, and other ungulates was investigated in the north of the Congo Republic in 1997. Four bongos, one forest buffalo, Syncerus caffer nanus, and one domestic sheep were examined and sampled. Although an outbreak of rinderpest had been suspected, it was found that the animals, which had been weakened by an Elaeophora sa…

  • SDG-2
    Supplementation of winter grazing in the Transvaal with special reference to the maintenance protein requirement of sheep
    17 Mar 2017

    By means of metabolism experiments on mature and young sheep it was shown that approximately 81 grams of maize will supplement April grazing successfully in respect of protein if the energy requirements are satisfied. Due to the fact, that 150 grams maize efficiently supplement 200 grams of wheat straw with a lower nitrogen content than July grazing, it can be implied that it will also supplement…