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  • SDG-17
    A descriptive framework of business intelligence derived from definitions by academics, practitioners and vendors
    15 Feb 2013

    Although it is widely agreed that business intelligence (BI) plays an important role to ensure that information is available consistently and disseminated to organisational decision-makers, many authors point out that there is little agreement in the literature on a common defi nition of BI. This is not unusual for a fi eld that is still being established, but a shared understanding would con…

  • SDG-17
    Trustworthiness of product review blogs : a source trustworthiness scale validation
    19 Apr 2013

    With the introduction of Web 2.0, online blogging has established its place in the lexicon of public relations management. Especially blogs that offer reviews of products, services and technologies, have become essential to practitioners of public relations in their dialogue with the market place. From a public relations perspective, this paper addresses the source trustworthiness of product r…

  • SDG-3 SDG-17
    Guidelines for antiretroviral therapy in adults by the Southern African HIV clinicians society
    19 Apr 2013

    These guidelines are intended as an update to those published in the Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine in January 2008. Since the release of the previous guidelines, the scaleup of antiretroviral therapy (ART) in Southern Africa has continued to grow. Cohort studies from the region show excellent clinical outcomes; however, ART is still being started late (in advanced disease), resul…

  • SDG-3 SDG-17
    Role of community nurses in the prevention of tuberculosis in the Tshwane Health District of Gauteng
    19 Apr 2013

    The objectives of this study were to identify the role of community nurses in the prevention of tuberculosis (TB) and to identify problems experienced by them when fulfilling this role in the Tshwane Health District of Gauteng. A non-experimental, descriptive, quantitative research design method was used to collect data from community nurses. The sample included 59 registered nurses who volun…

  • SDG-17
    Tax education : current views and preferences of South African employers
    05 Jun 2013

    Various reasons caused the demand for tax practitioners to increase, creating a need for specialised tax education and training. Since the tax profession is not currently regulated in South Africa, educators receive little input from employers on their expectations regarding formal tax qualifications. This causes uncertainty as to whether or not employers are satisfied with tax education in South…

  • SDG-17
    A probe into implant dentistry research : past, present and future
    30 May 2013

    Research aims and values.The ultimate purpose of research is to generate and make available accurate and reliable data that will illuminate and add value to evidence-based knowledge, with the aim of improving patient care, health and quality of life.

  • SDG-9 SDG-17
    A low complexity Hopfield neural network turbo equalizer
    02 Jul 2013

    In this article, it is proposed that a Hopfield neural network (HNN) can be used to jointly equalize and decode information transmitted over a highly dispersive Rayleigh fading multipath channel. It is shown that a HNN MLSE equalizer and a HNN MLSE decoder can be merged in order to realize a low complexity joint equalizer and decoder, or turbo equalizer, without additional computational comple…

  • SDG-16 SDG-17
    Views on the applicability of the internal audit standards and competencies for internal auditors : an African perspective
    11 Nov 2013

    Through its Research Foundation, the Institute of Internal Auditors has engaged in various studies to develop a common body of knowledge for internal auditors. These results were reported on from a global perspective; however, local context also has an influence, and there are country-specific forces that influence the application of the International Standards for the Professional Practice of…

  • SDG-9 SDG-17
    Joint venture on an ambitious project
    10 Jul 2006

    Pretoria's multimillion-rand development project is aimed at rejuvenating the city centre. As much as R500-million will be pumped into the capital's sagging city core as the private sector responds to a city council decision to go ahead with its most ambitious project yet.