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  • SDG-16
    Willemsdorp by Herman Charles Bosman: the small-town locale as fictional vehicle for commentary on social and moral issues in the South African historical context
    19 Apr 2013

    Herman Charles Bosman’s short stories are stylistically and thematically different from his novels. With the exception of “A Bekkersdal marathon” and “Sold down the river” all Bosman’s short stories, numbering more than one hundred, take the South African farm as their setting. Bosman’s first novel, Jacaranda in the Night, of which his second novel Willemsdorp is a reworking, followed his sojo…

  • SDG-8 SDG-16
    A crowded field : competition and coordination in international peace mediation
    21 Jun 2013

    In recent years competition has emerged as a central theme in international mediation as an increasing number of mediation actors seek opportunities to engage in peacemaking. At the same time, mediation coordination mechanisms, such as Groups of Friends, have become standard practice in international peacemaking. This paper seeks to make sense of the dynamics of competition and cooperation in…

  • SDG-16
    The Government of National Unity in Zimbabwe : challenges and obstacles to public administration
    05 Jul 2013

    This article analyses the challenges of the Government of National Unity (GNU) on public administration in Zimbabwe. Confl icts do not only affect the economy, but also adversely affect the liberties of the population of the affected country. In the absence of timely interventions, the effects of internal confl icts may eventually spread to the neighbouring countries. In the interest of regio…

  • SDG-16 SDG-17
    Views on the applicability of the internal audit standards and competencies for internal auditors : an African perspective
    11 Nov 2013

    Through its Research Foundation, the Institute of Internal Auditors has engaged in various studies to develop a common body of knowledge for internal auditors. These results were reported on from a global perspective; however, local context also has an influence, and there are country-specific forces that influence the application of the International Standards for the Professional Practice of…

  • SDG-16
    Gautrain state of good repair : three years after the first trains were commissioned
    01 Apr 2014

    With government-owned assets and the sustainability of service delivery a primary objective, the "State of Good Repair" of the Gautrain rapid rail system will in future play a fundamental role in determining its quality and ability to deliver a world-class transportation service. If not managed responsibly, the system could experience major operational and financial challenges that will result in…

  • SDG-16
    The limits imposed upon freedom of testation by the boni mores: Lessons from common law and civil law (continental) legal systems
    01 Aug 2011

    This article investigates the limitation of freedom of testation in terms of the boni mores or public policy from a legal-comparative perspective. The limits imposed by public policy on freedom of testamentary disposition in English and Australian law are analysed, and the limitation of freedom of testation in terms of the good morals in Dutch and German law is investigated. It is proposed that t…

  • SDG-16
    The constitutional family in the Law of Succession
    02 Aug 2011

    This article traces the development of the constitutional family in the South African law of succession through a synopsis of Constitutional Court and High Court judgments on the application of the Intestate Succession Act and the Maintenance of Surviving Spouses Act beyond the confines of the traditional conception of 'family'. It also investigates significant legislative developments that impac…

  • SDG-3 SDG-16 SDG-17
    Ensuring the security and privacy of information in mobile health-care communication systems
    23 Nov 2011

    The sensitivity of health-care information and its accessibility via the Internet and mobile technology systems is a cause for concern in these modern times. The privacy, integrity and confidentiality of a patient’s data are key factors to be considered in the transmission of medical information for use by authorised health-care personnel. Mobile communication has enabled medical consultancy, tre…

  • SDG-16
    Code-switching: An appraisal resource in TRC testimonies
    21 Dec 2011

    This article analyses the function that code-switching plays in selected testimonies given at South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission which followed the country's transition to democracy in 1994. In a number of testimonies, victims of human rights abuse under Apartheid code-switched into Afrikaans when recalling particularly offensive uses of language by the police. Within the code-swi…

  • SDG-16
    The prospect of rehabilitation as a ‘substantial and compelling’ circumstance to avoid imposing life imprisonment in South Africa: A comment on S v Nkomo
    14 Sep 2012

    When the death penalty was declared unconstitutional in South Africa, the government enacted the Criminal Law Amendment Act in 1997 which, amongst other things, stipulated that a person convicted of some of the scheduled offences was to be sentenced to life imprisonment unless there were substantial and compelling circumstances. Many courts interpreted substantial and compelling circumstance…