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  • SDG-11
    Worshipping with the fourfold at the temple complex at Delphi, Greece, the Inner Shrine at Ise, Japan, and St. Peter's Basilica at Rome
    20 May 2013

    The aim of this article is to critique Martin Heidegger’s fourfold as a static concept and to reformulate it as a dynamic concept to be applied as a criterion to assess the architectural excellence of the temple complex of Apollo at Delphi, Greece, and the Inner Shinto Shrine at Ise, Japan, both exemplifying nature religions, as well as the Basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome, the most influential…

  • SDG-11
    A projective site: inhabiting the metaphorical interval between the instrumental and symbolic meanings of architecture
    20 May 2013

    Historically, there have been two primary ways of perceiving space that have been considered opposed to one another. First is the analytical, measured space of representation - the drawings and models architects make, which have historically been called the ‘instrumental’ (as they are instruments in the description of architecture). Second is the sensory, embodied space of a direct perception …

  • SDG-7 SDG-9 SDG-11
    Estimating car ownership and transport energy consumption : a disaggregate study in Nelson Mandela Bay
    21 Jun 2013

    This paper investigates energy consumption patterns by households and individuals during travel on a typical day. A methodology is developed to estimate trip-by-trip energy consumption using standard 24-hour travel survey data, and applied to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Area using their 2004 household travel survey. Baseline energy consumption patterns by different modes, times of day, and us…

  • SDG-11
    Prevalence and degree of noise-induced hearing loss in South African gold miners
    17 Jul 2013

    This study aimed to describe the prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in a large group of gold miners (N=57 714). Noise exposure levels were used to categorise participants into different noise group categories and a control group. HFA346 and LFA512 (high and low frequency) averages were calculated from hearing thresholds and, where possible, analyses were adjusted for age. The stu…

  • SDG-11
    The changing dynamics of social class, mobility and housing in Black Johannesburg
    12 Jul 2013

    In contemporary public debates regarding the significance of social mobility, new cultures of consumption and the black middle class, the point is often made that Africans living in urban areas before the onset of constitutional democracy were a homogenous group lacking in significant forms of social differentiation. The continued side-lining of long histories of social differentiation among urba…

  • SDG-3 SDG-11
    Taxi ‘sugar daddies’ and taxi queens : male taxi driver attitudes regarding transactional relationships in the Western Cape, South Africa
    04 Jul 2013

    Media reports are emerging on the phenomenon of young girls who travel with older mini-bus taxi drivers, and who are thought to have sex with the drivers in exchange for gifts and money. The extent to which such relationships might facilitate unsafe sexual practices and increased risks for both the men and the young women, often referred to as taxi queens, remains an important question in the …

  • SDG-3 SDG-11
    ‘‘Epic ear defence’’—a game to educate children on the risks of noise-related hearing loss
    20 Sep 2013

    Hearing loss resulting from overexposure to entertainment-related sounds is a modern concern. ‘‘Epic Ear Defence’’ places the player in the three-dimensional environment of the ear canal and challenges the player to defend the ear from various noises, to delay the onset of noise-related hearing loss.

  • SDG-11
    Melrose House : a building rich in history
    14 May 2009

    An article in the Rekord of 29 April 1988 about the history of Melrose House and its original owner George Heys.

  • SDG-1 SDG-11
    Pavillion/bandstand, Burgers Park, Pretoria, South Africa
    11 Jun 2009

    Article about the history of the kiosk/bandstand in Burgers Park, including a sketch, published in the Beeld property guide of 5 Nov. 1988.

  • SDG-11
    Pretoria as 'urbs quadrata'
    23 Jun 2006

    "Placemaking in Pretoria is considered under universal, cultural and contextual aspects. The cross of Church and Paul Kruger Streets with the Central Church surrounded by the 'mandala' are universal aspects which are repeated on Church Square. The enclosure inside the rivers and mountain ranges, filled in by the gridiron street lay-out, was also the cultural preference at Graaff-Reinet, general…