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  • SDG-1 SDG-11
    Pavillion/bandstand, Burgers Park, Pretoria, South Africa
    11 Jun 2009

    Article about the history of the kiosk/bandstand in Burgers Park, including a sketch, published in the Beeld property guide of 5 Nov. 1988.

  • SDG-1
    Ou Nasionale Bank en Munt van Z.A.R. in Pretoria
    15 Aug 2006

    Artikel oor die ou Nasionale Bank en Muntgebou, wat as een van die juwele in die wesfasade van Pretoria se Kerkplein beskou word. Kort geskiedenis van die gebou en 'n skets van die vooraansig deur Hannes Meiring is ingesluit.

  • SDG-1
    Urban poverty in Cape Town
    22 Dec 2011

    This paper describes key findings of a household livelihood survey conducted in impoverished African settlements in Cape Town, one of Africa’s wealthiest cities. Poverty in these areas is strongly shaped by the history of the Eastern Cape’s adverse spatial incorporation into the South African economy. Migrants from the rural areas are highly dependent on and integrated into the increasingly m…

  • SDG-1 SDG-16
    Democracy by accident: the rise of Zuma and the renaissance of the tripartite alliance
    06 Dec 2012

    In party organisational terms, the rise of Jacob Zuma to the Presidency of the African National Congress (ANC) is a victory for the alliance partners and the struggle-era vision of the ANC as a popular front, or the ‘ANC as alliance’, as against Mbeki’s centralised and exclusionary practice. Accidentally, this renaissance of the ANC as alliance is good for democracy in South Africa understood …

  • SDG-1 SDG-2
    Kelp forests: forests of a different kind
    28 Jan 2014

    The United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) defines a forest as being 'more than 0.5 ha with trees higher than 5 m and a canopy cover of more than 10%, or trees able to reach these thresholds in situ', ... and that this 'does not include land that is primarily under agricultural or urban land use'. According to this definition, a forest is 'determined by the presence of trees'…

  • SDG-1 SDG-2
    Land, Liturgy & Life: overture to the "comma" and the "and" in a very small dogmatics
    11 Aug 2014

    This contribution observes a Trinitarian logic in the theme of 'Land, Liturgy and Life' addressed at the 2013 annual meeting of the Theological Society of South Africa. The Trinitarian mystery needs to be protected with the doxological language of the liturgy. In this contribution I will offer an overture (or prolegomena) to such a doxology, by weaving together four themes pertaining to the natur…

  • SDG-1 SDG-3
    Establishing a Health Promotion and Development Foundation in South Africa
    20 Feb 2017

    South Africa has a ‘quadruple burden of disease’. One way to reduce this burden, and address the social determinants of health and social inequity, could be through health promotion interventions driven by an independent Health Promotion and Development Foundation (HPDF). This could provide a framework to integrate health promotion and social development into all government and civil society p…

  • SDG-1 SDG-2 SDG-17
    The politics of evidence: A response to Rulli and D'Odorico
    08 Jun 2017

    We welcome Rulli and D’Odorico’s response to our introduction to the Journal for Peasant Studies (JPS) Forum on Global Land Grabbing(Scoones etal.2013) in which we discussed the ‘literature rush’ that has accompanied the global ‘land rush’. We outlined a series of concerns with the data being used in this literature – concerns both with the data itself and with its uncritical deployment in popula…

  • SDG-1 SDG-8
    Challenges of microfinance access in Nigeria: implications for entrepreneurship development
    05 Jan 2016

    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly being accepted as valuable platforms to create jobs and improve livelihoods. The Nigerian government has enacted favorable laws and regulations on contracts, leasing, and corporate tax to encourage the development of SMEs. Nonetheless, many entrepreneurs in Nigeria cannot access loans given the high levels of poverty. The paper argues that micr…

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    The legacies of the Natives Land Act of 1913
    09 Sep 2015

    Looking back at the century since the promulgation of the Natives Land Act, it can be argued that it shaped the trajectories of most South Africans’ lives. It expelled black people from the land into crowded reserves and formed the cornerstone of the migrant labour system and through which, accumulation of wealth in white-owned mines, farms and factories. Far from unravelling this history of disp…