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    SDG 8
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    Labour and megaprojects: Rethinking productivity and industrial relations policy
    02 Jun 2021
    University of Sydney
    Ellem, B.

    The coronavirus pandemic has brought industrial relations policy to the centre of attention in many countries. In 2020, the Australian government convened tripartite bodies to address policy in several areas, one being for agreement-making to cover labour on ‘megaprojects’. This initiative revisited criticisms of unions for driving costs up and productivity down on these worksites, the most expen…

  • SDG-8
    Australian industrial relations in 2020: COVID-19, crisis and opportunity
    10 Jun 2021
    University of Sydney
    Clibborn, S.

    This introduction to the Journal of Industrial Relations' 2020 Annual Review of Industrial Relations provides an overview of the six Annual Review articles, an international review and two practitioner reviews. The COVID-19 pandemic presented a crisis for the labour market, intensifying serious existing issues such as stagnant wage growth, the gender pay gap and employer non-compliance with minim…

  • SDG-8
    ‘New’ Histories of (Australian) Capitalism
    05 Jul 2021
    University of Sydney
    Huf, Ben Sluga, Glenda

    In the decade since the Great Recession of 2007–08, ‘capitalism’ has re-emerged as a pervasive framework for understanding a world in momentous flux. Across the globe, a torrent of public-minded scholarship has debated the past, present, future and end of capitalism in an effort to grapple with the endemic challenges of poverty, automation, inqualities of wealth and ecological crisis. Historians …

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    Locus of control and internal migration
    22 Sep 2021
    University of Sydney
    Caliendo, Marco Cobb-Clark, Deborah Hennecke, Juliane Uhlendorff, Arne

    We model migration across domestic labor markets (internal migration) as the outcome of a job search process in which job seekers form subjective beliefs about the return search effort that are related to their locus of control. Job seekers with an internal locus of control are predicted to search across larger geographic areas and migrate more frequently as a result. We empirically test the rela…

  • SDG-8
    “You can help people”: Adolescents’ Views on Engaging Young People in Longitudinal Research
    26 May 2015
    University of Sydney
    Cooper Robbins, Spring C Hawsthorne, M Paxton, K Hawke, C Skinner, S.R Steinbeck, K

    We sought to discover adolescents’ thoughts about participation in longitudinal research and identify recruitment and retention strategies that were meaningful to them. We conducted seven focus groups with 10–15-year-olds in two large rural centers in New South Wales, Australia, and all focus groups were digitally recorded, transcribed, and analyzed. Adolescents discussed factors salient to their…

  • SDG-8
    Induction of labour: the development and application of a novel classification system
    20 Apr 2016
    University of Sydney
    Nippita, Tanya A Trevena, Judy A Ford, Jane B Patterson, Jillian A Morris, Jonathan M Roberts, Christine L.

    OBJECTIVE To develop and demonstrate the applicability of a classification system for induction of labour (IOL) that fulfils recognised classification system attributes for clinical, surveillance and research purposes. DESIGN Proof of concept. SETTING, POPULATION Applicability demonstrated in a population cohort of 909,702 maternities in New South Wales, Australia, 2002-2011. METHODS A multidisci…

  • SDG-3 SDG-8
    The experience of survival following allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in New South Wales, Australia
    23 Nov 2016
    University of Sydney
    Gifford, G. Gilroy, N Dyer, G Brice, L Kabir, M. Greenwood, M Larsen, S Moore, J Gottlieb, D Hertzberg, M Kwan, J Huang, G Tan, J Brown, L Hogg, M Ward, C Kerridge, I

    Allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT) entails long-term morbidities that impair survivors’ quality of life through broad physical and psychosocial sequelae. Current data and survival measurements may be inadequate for contemporary Australian allo-HSCT recipients. This study sought to comprehensively describe survivorship in an up-to-date, local setting through validated …

  • SDG-8
    Indonesian Women as Export Commodity: Notes from Tanjung Pinang
    29 Nov 2016
    University of Sydney
    Ford, Michele

    In Indonesia, the plight of TKW (Tenaga Kerja Wanita - the common term for women migrant workers) has been a subject of public controversy for decades. Academic accounts of the conditions of Indonesian migrant domestic workers tend to resonate with local public perceptions. Authors such as Bethan (1993) and Robinson (2000a, 2000b) and Krisnawaty (1997) focus predominantly on the threats and priva…

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    Beyond the Femina fantasy: female industrial and overseas domestic labour in Indonesian discourses of women's work
    30 Nov 2016
    University of Sydney
    Ford, Michele

    In the late 1990s, scholarly attention turned to glossy publications such as Femina, the premier Indonesian women's magazine, for insights into what it means to be a woman in Indonesia. When Brenner analysed the visual and verbal images of the 'many incarnations' of the modern Indonesian woman, she found that, in addition to being a 'happy consumer-housewife, devoted follower of Islam '" model ci…

  • SDG-8 SDG-16
    Migrant Worker Organizing in Indonesia
    03 Jan 2017
    University of Sydney
    Ford, Michele

    This article examines attempts by Indonesian migrant labor NGOs, migrant worker organizations and trade unions to promote the labor rights of Indonesian migrant workers employed overseas. In recent years trade unions in Indonesia have increasingly been forced to acknowledge the existence of overseas labor migrants. But NGOs have dominated migrant labor advocacy initiatives, and grassroots migrant…