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    SDG 10
  • SDG-3 SDG-10
    Health and healthcare for people with disabilities in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic
    16 Sep 2021
    University of Sydney
    Kavanagh, Anne Hatton, Chris Stancliffe, Roger J Aitken, Zoe King, Tania Hastings, Richard Totsika, Vaso Llewellyn, Gwynnyth Emerson, Eric

    BACKGROUND: While emerging evidence shows increased mortality from COVID-19 among people with disability, evidence regarding whether there are disability-related inequalities in health during the pandemic is lacking. OBJECTIVE: This study compares access to COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 related health care and mental health of people with and without disability. METHODS: Longitudinal analysis of 12,7…

  • SDG-10
    COVID-19: A Crisis of Borders
    19 Oct 2021
    University of Sydney
    Boucher, Anna Hooijer, Gerda King, Desmond Napier, Isabelle Stears, Marc

    ABSTRACT The public health crisis of COVID-19 has compounded preexisting crises of democratic stability and effective governance, spurring debate about the ability of developed democracies to respond effectively to emergencies confronting their citizens. These crises, much discussed in recent political science, are joined by a further crisis which complicates and reinforces them: A migration cris…

  • SDG-3 SDG-10
    Which Social, Economic, and Health Sector Strategies Will Deliver the Greatest Impacts for Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention? Protocol for an Advanced, Systems Modelling Approach
    26 Nov 2021
    University of Sydney
    Occhipinti, Jo-An Skinner, Adam Freebairn, Louise Song, Yun Ju Christine Ho, Nicholas Lawson, Kenny Lee, Grace Yeeun Hickie, Ian B.

    Background: Current global challenges are generating extensive social disruption and uncertainty that have the potential to undermine the mental health, wellbeing, and futures of young people. The scale and complexity of challenges call for engagement with systems science-based decision analytic tools that can capture the dynamics and interrelationships between physical, social, economic, and hea…

  • SDG-3 SDG-10 SDG-11
    What is it like to be a doctor in immigration detention centres?
    09 Jun 2015
    University of Sydney
    Chan, A Kerridge, I

    I am often asked questions about my work as a general practitioner in the Christmas Island and Nauru immigration detention centres. Are the conditions as bad as they say? Is the health care adequate? Are they genuine refugees? What are the people like? I often don’t know what to say, and wonder whether my answers are ever sufficient. Words often seem inadequate to describe what I saw, or the ways…

  • SDG-10
    Settling refugees in Australia: achievements and challenges
    10 Sep 2019
    University of Sydney
    Fozdar, Farida Banki, Susan

    This article examines the extent to which Australia fulfils its legal obligations for resettled refugees. This necessitates noting both the international frameworks that inform the rights accorded to refugees as well as applicable Australian law and policies. But while laws provide us with a point of departure, a thorough analysis of how these laws are upheld in the refugee context requires a foc…

  • SDG-10 SDG-11
    Emergency management response and recovery plans in relation to sexual and gender minorities in NEW South Wales, Australia
    06 Dec 2019
    University of Sydney
    Dominey-Howes, Dale T.M. Gorman-Murray, Andrew McKinnon, Scott

    This paper undertakes a systematic critical review through a 'queer lens' of the emergency management response and recovery plans in New South Wales, Australia, in order to determine how the needs of sexual and gender minorities (LGBTI people) are considered and met. We also document the outsourcing by the NSW government of emergency response and recovery arrangements to third party, faith-based …

  • SDG-10 SDG-11 SDG-13
    Problems and possibilities on the margins: LGBT experiences in the 2011 Queensland floods
    09 Jan 2020
    University of Sydney
    Gorman-Murray, Andrew Morris, Sally Keppel, Jessica McKinnon, Scott Dominey-Howes, Dale T.M.

    Vulnerability to disasters is not inherent to particular social groups but results from existing marginality. Marginalisation from social, political and economic resources and recognition underpins vulnerability and impedes recovery. Yet concurrently, disasters can reveal the resilient capacities of some marginal groups, who often develop specific means of coping with marginality. This article ap…

  • SDG-8 SDG-10
    Social inclusion of migrant workers in a pandemic: employing consumer vulnerability lens to internal Indian migrant experience
    04 Jul 2022
    University of Sydney
    Voola, A.P. Ray, S. Voola, R.

    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to expand the theoretical understanding of social inclusion of vulnerable populations. Employing cross disciplinary literature from marketing and social policy, this paper examines the factors shaping internal migrant workers experience of inclusion and vulnerability in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. Design/methodology/approach: The authors conducted a rev…

  • SDG-10
    Glossary of terms relating to ethnicity and race: for reflection and debate
    07 Apr 2009
    University of Edinburgh
    Bhopal, Raj

    This glossary focuses on the concepts and terminology used in the study of the health of minority ethnic and racial groups. It is hoped that it will stimulate debate on this subject so that an internationally applicable glossary may emerge.

  • SDG-10 SDG-17
    Self report in clinical and epidemiological studies with non-English speakers: the challenge of language and culture
    07 Apr 2009
    University of Edinburgh
    Hunt, Sanja M Bhopal, Raj

    Internationally, there is a drive for equality in health care for ethnic groups. To achieve equality, produce sound policies, and provide appropriately targeted services good quality data are essential. Where data are based upon self report, especially from non-English speakers, there are major barriers to the accumulation of reliable and valid information. When data collection instruments design…