Praktykillustrasie van die vorming en terminering van n terapeutiese sisteem volgens ekosistemiese denke

28 Aug 2014

This article presents an illustration of how an ecosystemic perspective was used in a family therapy case study. Two ecosystemic concepts were used to discuss the case study. They are: the language determination of the therapeutic system as described by Anderson & Goolishian 1988; and the therapeutic formula: stability/ change/meaningful noise as used by Keeney & Ross 1985. The value of the language determination of the system is that a system such as a family does not determine the therapeutic system but that the system is determined by a problem. The system exists as long as meaning is given by that problem. A therapeutic system can therefore be described as a problem-determined and a problem-solving system. The therapeutic change is a process of co-construction of ideas/meaning that simultaneously makes the co-construction of new realities possible for all members of the therapeutic system. One possible application of the ecosystemic perspective in social work practice is indicated.