A joint venture model for assessment of partner capabilities : the case of Eskom Enterprises and the African power section

16 Nov 2009

This article investigates the concept of joint ventures in the international energy sector and develops a joint venture model, as a business development and assessment tool. The joint venture model presents a systematic method that relies on modern business intelligence to assess a potential business venture by using a balanced score card technique to screen potential partners, based on their technological and financial core capabilities. The model can be used by business development managers to harness the potential of joint ventures to create economic growth and sustainable business expansion. Furthermore, partnerships with local companies can help to mitigate econo-political risk, and facilitate buy-in from the national governments that are normally the primary stakeholders in the energy sector ventures (directly or indirectly). The particular case of Eskom Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eskom, is highlighted.