Kommunikasie-volwassenheidsmodel vir die meting van bourekenkundige kommunikasie en kommunikasie-instrumente

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • SDG 8
  • Abstract:

    English: Although quantity surveyors lay their claim to the construction industry for over a century there still exists a need for further scientific analyses with reference to the quantity surveyor’s communication capabilities and communication instruments as presented in the industry. This article aims to establish the determinants of a communication maturity model with respect to the communication capabilities of the quantity surveyor. The proposed most important determinants used were disclosed through research on maturity models and project management undertaken by the University of the Free State in collaboration with the Wirtschafts University in Vienna, Austria in 2005/6; the final results were issued in 2008. The results of the provisional survey with regards to the determinants of communication maturity show that respondents were positive with respect to the quantity surveyor’s communication in general. This can therefore have a positive influence on the construction industry with continuous advantages for the property development environment. The survey results also indicate that the verbal, written and contractual communication capabilities of the quantity surveyor are experienced positively. ‘Contractual validity’ as an element of the contractual communication capability of the quantity surveyor was indicated as the most positive element. The respondents indicated that the instruments of ‘estimation’ and ‘final accounting’ are the most important communication instruments. Furthermore, the respondents’ assessments regarding clarity and understandability of the instruments ‘final accounts’ and ‘payment advices’ were rated the highest. A model with the most important determinants identified for effective communication has been proposed. The model can be used by quantity surveyors to measure the maturity of quantity surveying communication and communication instruments in the construction industry.