Gender stereotypes and reconstruction: a feminist appraisal of Nigerian video films

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 5
  • Abstract:

    English:This paper posits that the video film, a popular art form in Nigeria, should initiate a new image and foster the empowerment of women, rather than merely reflecting the damaging traditions within society. Traditionally, a woman’s role is that of a subordinate to man, and women are restricted to a very narrow domain. This is reflected in the film media by means of a portrayal and projection of negative female stereotypes, which furthers the wrong socialisation of the female in society. Negative stereotypes are reflected particularly in some of the thematic concerns, including prostitution, adultery, jealousy and crime. In the context of film’s having become one of the most powerful agents of change within society, this study provides an interpretative evaluation of the Nigerian video film industry and advocates that the battle against stereotyping must necessarily be fought by adopting a tripartite approach, at the levels of ideology, film-making and film criticism.