Gender, purchase intention and sponsor image: a case study of the 2003 Cricket World Cup

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Peer-Reviewed Research


English:This study examines the influence of gender and recall in terms of sponsor image and purchase intention in relation to the four international sponsors of the 2003 Cricket World Cup (CWC 2003). The research was conducted six months after the CWC 2003 among 120 university students. The hypothesis was that consumers who correctly recalled a particular brand as one of the four global sponsors of CWC 2003 would have a more positive image of that brand and a stronger intention of purchasing it than those who were not able to recall the brand as a sponsor. The findings supported this hypothesis for only one of the sponsor brands, namely LG. They also identified sizeable differences in the correlation between sponsor image and purchase intention for respondents in the two recall groups. Male and female respondents differed in their ability to recall two of the sponsor brands, but no gender differences were found in their scores on sponsor image or purchase intention.