Erratum to: Post-orogenic shoshonitic magmas of the Yzerfontein pluton, South Africa: the 'smoking gun' of mantle melting and crustal growth during Cape granite genesis?

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 13
  • Abstract:

    The published version of the original paper contained a Sr isotope analysis of Hornblende-pyroxene quartz monzodiorite sample H25, from the shoshonitic part of the Cambrian Yzerfontein pluton on the West Coast in South Africa. The value of 87Sr/86Sr, calculated at our newly determined U–Pb zircon age of 535 Ma, was given as 0.70885 ± 2 (2σ). In the paper, this was reported as an anomalously high value and we hypothesised that this might have been due to the crustal component of this particular magma having been somewhat more radiogenic than for the rest of the shoshonitic samples from the Yzerfontein pluton.