Die ontwikkeling van pastoraal-narratiewe mentorskapbeginsels as effektiewe leerbenadering

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English: This study endeavours to seek answers relating to mentorship as an effective approach to learning, and to the application of mentorship in order to facilitate meaning and purpose.Learning is essential for the effective functioning of an individual.Mentorship is considered to be one of the best methods to facilitate individual learning and development in all spheres of life.Therefore mentorship in teaching and learning establishes an integrated approach to learning.Mentorship supposes a unique, individual multi-dimensional relationship agreed upon by two persons on the same journey, resulting in life-changing insight and mutual learning.In this relationship the narrative approach offers the possibility of using story-telling in creating unique outcomes.In this process it is possible to encounter the God of the Story who ultimately leads to the creation of a new story.The principles of pastoral-narrative mentorship have been developed for pastoral mentorship where two co-journeying persons co-construct a new life story with added purpose and meaning.