Vlaandere en Suid-Afrika: Die donker skaduwee van apartheid

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Peer-Reviewed Research


In view of their history, the Flemish people always had a greater understanding of the Afrikaner’s striving to preserve their identity. Even during the dark days of apartheid they were quite sympathetic towards the Afrikaner. In this article the anti-apartheid movement in Belgium/Flanders is analysed against the backdrop of the anti-apartheid actions of the United Nations and the sanctions campaign against South Africa. The academic boycott against South Africans will also be reviewed and an overview will be given of the anti-apartheid literature in Belgium/Flanders. The protest actions of the various anti-apartheid organisations will be analysed. In conclusion, the exile mission of the ANC in Brussels is discussed. In the light of their extensive trade relations with South Africa, Belgium did not play a leading role in the anti-apartheid campaign against South Africa.