Partikuliere en algemene sinodes: 'n gereformeerde benadering

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    English: In this article the author investigates the character, composition and task of particular or regional synods and of general synods in reformed churches. Although the character and composition of these assemblies in the church can be defined fairly easily, the same can not be said of the distinction between the task of the former and the latter. The fact that both of them were called upon in the past to look after matters common to all congregations within its borders, created a vagueness in this regard. Which are those matters common to all congregations which should be attended to by particular synods and which by general synods? His solution is the application of two well-known principles of a reformed church polity: firstly, that major assemblies should not attend to matters which could be dealt with at minor assemblies, and, secondly, that a general synod should concentrate on those issues which are really common to all congregations in the specific denomination.