'n Teologies-kritiese beoordeling van die verhouding tussen die objektiewe en die subjektiewe aspekte in die heilstoeëiening by P.F. Theron

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    Professor P. F. Theron polemises against the separation between the solisms of the Reformation and the excessive emphasis on subjectivist tendencies concerning salvation within the theological context in which he theologises. He accentuates the unity between the solisms as well as the objective aspects of salvation. He reveals a possible inherent objectivist tendency in his thoughts about the Scriptures by overemphasising the promises of the Scriptures at the expense of the demands of the Scriptures. This tendency influences his thoughts about salvation. The terminology he uses reflects an existential, rather than a rationalist meaningfulness. Both the theological context and the existential meaningfulness of his terminology must be borne in mind in order to avoid illegitimate objective deductions from his writings.