Lewe en werk van Martin Luther (1483–1546) : ʼn leksikografiese bydrae tot Reformasie 500

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Peer-Reviewed Research


This is a lexicographic contribution to Reformation 500. The life, work and legacy of Martin Luther is discussed. The article wants to introduce Martin Luther to readers who are not acquainted with him. After reading the article readers should know a few basic facts of his complicated biography. They should have an idea of the themes he discussed, where his works could be accessed and the latest literature relating to Luther. We also let Luther himself speak to us via his table-talks. Through the selected table-talks, one gets to know Luther as the family man who dearly loved his wife and children. A few hundred words cannot do justice to the legacy he left behind. The short notes on his huge legacy want to motivate the reader to read more about the man who changed the course of history.