Die prediker as preek basisteoretiese perspektiewe uit handelinge

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English: This article explores the topic from a pneumatological perspective, and pays attention to the preacher’s calling, appointment and being filled with the Holy Spirit. The key question is that of congruence between what a preacher preaches and how he lives his life (i.e. as a sermon). The following issues from the book of Acts are dealt with: the passion of the preacher for congruence between preacher and sermon; the integrity to proclaim God’s total plan of salvation; humility, the courage and boldness in preaching the Word of God; the will to suffer hardship in absolute obedience to God, and the holy indignation when God is not honoured. Issues relating to attitude in prayer and in Scripture reading, meditation and application of the Word are investigated as these contribute to the congruence between preacher and sermon.