Die betekenis en funksie van die himnes in Openbaring 4-11

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    The plotted actions in Revelation 4-11 could be actualised in the strict sense without the hymns, but the total communicative and esthetic effect could not be achieved without them. The plot develops in a strong liturgical context. The hymns summon the implied readers not to play a passive role, but rather an active one. The hymns are reassuring, constantly representing a scenario of final victory, one in which the implied reader plays an active role. The hymns are thus therapeutic throughout. They revolve around the theme of the sovereignity of God and the Lamb, his coming in judgement and the establishment of the kingdom of the saints. The hymns comment on the plot of the Apocalypse and provide important information which helps the reader to decipher the ensuing events. The hymns in Revelation provide useful guidelines for the use of songs in the liturgy.