Non-integrability and chaos with unquenched flavor

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 13
  • SDG 8
  • Abstract:

    We study (non-)integrability and the presence of chaos in gravity dual backgrounds of strongly coupled gauge theories with unquenched avor, speci cally of the four-dimensional N = 2 super Yang-Mills theory and the three-dimensional ABJM theory. By examining string motion on the geometries corresponding to backreacted D3/D7 and D2/D6 systems, we show that integrable theories with quenched avor become non-integrable when the virtual quark loops are taken into account. For the string solutions in the backreacted D3/D7 system, we compute the leading Lyapunov exponent which turns out to saturate to a positive value as the number of avors increases. The exponent depends very weakly on the number of avors when they approach the number of colors. This suggests that once a particular avor number in the theory is reached, a further increase does not lead to more severe chaotic phenomena, implying certain saturation e ects on chaos.