A dynamic, web-based resource to identify rust fungi (Pucciniales) in southern Africa

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 15
  • Abstract:

    Rust fungi (Pucciniales) are some of the most important plant pathogens that cause diseases of agricultural and tree crops. There are approximately 8,000 described species worldwide. The rust fungi of South Africa were extensively studied by Ethel M. Doidge (1887 – 1965), who listed 468 species. Many nomenclatural and taxonomic changes, together with the discovery of new species and incursions of exotic species, have subsequently outdated Doidge’s monograph. To address this problem, we have developed an interactive Lucid key for the identification of 50 species of rust fungi in 17 genera from countries in southern Africa. The key is dynamic and may be updated in real-time. The Lucid key provides a platform to progressively provide descriptions and images for all rust fungi in southern Africa. Plant pathologists and mycologists are invited to participate in the development of this resource.