Student's soft skill acquisition in an outdoor adventure education event over two years of participation

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 8
  • SDG 4
  • Abstract:

    Outdoor Adventure Education can be used to develop and hone the transferable or so called soft skills such as group work and problem-solving skills in higher education. These skills are also much needed to ensure employability. An outdoor adventure activity was developed and implemented by lecturers in order to bridge this gap between university and the industry in order to hone the transferable skills of students studying sport and recreation. Data were collected over two years. Two hundred students participated in the research study with a mean age of 22±4 years. Data were collected qualitatively and analysed and subsequently numerically coded to ensure statistical analyses. Analyses indicated no statistical differences between skills learned in the first and second year. Students were then divided into first time and second time participants and statistical differences were found. The second time participants reported mostly on leadership skills learned and first time participants on teamwork. Implementing an outdoor Adventure Education event was effective in developing skills in students much needed for success in higher education as well as becoming well-rounded individuals whom possess all the qualities for rewarding employment.