Pentacyclic triterpenoids from the stem-bark of Albizia chevalieri Hams (Mimosaceae)

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    OBJECTIVE : This research is focused towards isolation and identification of pure compounds from the extracts fractions of Albizia chevalieri through the means of gravity column chromatography and other chromatographic processes. METHODS : the stem bark was extracted exhaustively with hexane and subsequently with methanol. The methanolic extract was fractionated into ethyl acetate (EA) and n-butanol (NB) soluble parts, after which the hexane extracts were subjected to silica gel gravity column chromatography for the isolation of pure bioactive molecules.The major compounds isolated, were then determined and identified by the use of spectrometric analysis of HR-ESIMS, 1HNMR, [13]CNMR, IR and UV spectra. RESULTS : Investigation of the stem bark hexane extract fraction of A. chevalieri led to the isolation of three known pentacyclic triterpenoids: friedelin (HXC1), Friedelan-3-ol (HXC2) and Lupeol (HXC3), for the first time in the plant. CONCLUSION : The results obtained will be useful in the evaluation (bioassay) of the isolated compounds against the list of folklore therapeutic claims of A. chevalieri (which include its use as purgative, taenicidal, remedies of cough, dysentery, cancer, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis and snake bite), and thereby providing scientific basis for its used for treatment of the aforementioned ailments.