In pursuit of justice : Albert Geyser's story as told by the media

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 10
  • Abstract:

    This contribution was delivered as a paper at the 2015 Conference of the South African Society for Church History. It reflects on the life and contribution of Prof. Dr A.S. (Albert) Geyser, with specific reference to his leading role in the struggle against apartheid. Geyser was very active in the 1960s, but soon forgotten and erased from public memory. In this contribution Geyser is described as a well-known public figure and theologian, a view based on a large number of newspapers articles from this period. The reader is also presented with some reasons why Geyser’s legacy is either ignored (being a controversial figure) or forgotten. It could be regarded as a ‘contested’ or ‘forgotten’ memory.