Globally uniformly ultimately bounded observer design for a class of nonlinear systems with sampled and delayed measurements

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In this paper, we consider two kinds of sampled-data observer design for a class of nonlin- ear systems. The system output is sampled and transmitted under two kinds of truncations. Firstly, we present de nitions of the truncations and the globally uniformly ultimately bounded observer, respectively. Then, two kinds of observers are proposed by using the delayed measure- ments with these two truncations, respectively. The observers are hybrid in essence. For the rst kind of observers, by constructing a Lyapunov{Krasovskii functional, su cient conditions of globally uniformly ultimately bounded of the estimation errors are derived, and the maxi- mum allowable sampling period and the maximum delay are also given. For the second ones, su cient conditions are also given to ensure that the estimation errors are globally uniformly ultimately bounded. Finally, an example is provided to illustrate the design methods.