A survey of University Students' Perceptions of Learning Management Systems in a Low-Resource Setting using a Technology Acceptance Model

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 4
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    Learning management systems have been widelyadvocated for the support of distance learning. Inlow-resource settings, the uptake of these systemsby students has been mixed. This study aimed to dentify, through the use of the Technology AcceptanceModel, the individual, organizational, and technological factors that could be influencing the use of learning management systems. A simple quantitative descriptive surveywas conducted of nursing and health science students at a university in South Africa as part of their first exposure to a learning management system. A total of 274 respondents (56.7%) completed the survey questionnaire,made up of 213 nursing respondents (87.7%) and 61 health sciences respondents (25%).Overall, the respondents found the learning management system easy to use and useful for learning. Therewere significant differences between the two groups of respondents, with the respondents from health sciences being both younger andmore computer literate. The nursing respondents, who received more support and orientations, reported finding the learning management system more useful. Recommendations are made for training and support to ensure uptake.