The use of strategy tools by chartered accountants in the South African mining

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 12
  • Abstract:

    As a third of all directors in South Africa are chartered accountants (CAs), this research examined the strategising practices of CA strategists in the mining industry. Drawing on the strategy-as-practice perspective, the research aimed to answer questions pertaining to which strategy tools CA strategists use, and how their accounting background informs their decisions on which tools to use and how to use them. Empirical data were produced through semi-structured individual interviews with CA strategists selected through purposive and snowball sampling. Data were analysed through conversation analysis using thematic coding. Findings portray CA strategists as craftspeople who adapt and interpret strategy tools from an accounting perspective to serve the requirements of the situation they face. The research confirmed wide use of accounting tools in strategising. The research found that the model of strategising, albeit deliberate or emergent, as well as the educational background of the strategist, affects deciding which strategy tools are used and how they are used. Specifically, findings indicated that mostly analytical tools are used during planning and deliberate strategising whereas people and project-oriented tools are used during implementation. nderstanding how strategy is done in the South African mining industry, offers insight into the social practice of strategy.