Anatomical studies no. 60 : some comments on the hump of African cattle

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Peer-Reviewed Research


The result of this study suggests that humps may be classified: (a) According to situation – cervico-thoracic and thoracic. (b) According to structure – muscular and musculo-fatty. (c) According to function – traction (locomotion) and storage of reserve fat. It is interesting that some cattle have humps and others not. The similarity of the humps of the Afrikander and Sanga types, being cervico-thoracic and muscular is noteworthy in view of Epstein's theory that the latter is derived from the intermixture of the Longhorned Zebu and Hamitic Longhorn. The dissimilarity between the above humps and that of the Shorthorned Zebu is striking. As just stated little is known regarding the significance of the hump from an evolutionary point of view.